IS Risk Analytics proprietary trading technology has been developed to provide robust, reliable risk management tools with risk management and maximization of profitability as its first priority .

All of our solutions are designed by risk management professionals with the end user as the primary focus.


Our FIX API solution allows clients to connect directly to your brokerage, allowing you to expand your client base.

Become a Liquidity Provider

Becoming a liquidity provider to your institutional clients has never been easier – using our tools you can trade directly with your institutional clients FIX API . Orders can be A or B booked and maintained in a way that maximizes profitability for your brokerage.

Offer FIX API Trading

Accept FIX API flow from any FIX engine and offer FIX API trading to clients using any bridge or trading application.

Generate New Business

A traditional retail broker can enter the institutional space without the need for additional platforms.

MT4/MT5 Bridge

This innovative software, designed by risk managers, connects brokers directly to the liquidity providers of their choice and allows brokers to tailor their books of business to balance profitability and risk.

Manage Risk 

Best in class functionality and flexibility gives you the tools to manage and adjust cover and hedge settings in real time without having to restart servers or edit client groups.

Manage orders based upon account or group, time of day, symbol, order size, account balance, leverage, client order comment, and more. In addition, pricing can be customized within the bridge allowing you to easily control markups, min/max spreads, and liquidity provider routing.

Reduce Plugins

Reduce the number of market making plugins on your server to eliminate the technology risk associated with having multiple competing rules running, as well as eliminating the associated costs.