At IS Risk Analytics, we have built a strong team that is focused on collaborating with our clients to deliver impactful solutions and services to our clients

Risk Management

Our experienced team of risk management professionals provide 24/5.5 monitoring and analysis of all aspects of your trading activity. Their goal is to increase returns on existing volume as well as provide tools to drive new and more profitable trading flow as your business develops. With over 150 years of cumulative experience across the team, , we are able to design scalable reporting and risk management strategies customized to meet your specific needs, regardless of your current brokerage size.


Our operations staff is available to support your trading platforms in any way, including symbol maintenance, group creation, contract expirations, and swap updates. The team will also assist in creating new product offerings that will keep you competitive and help you grow your business.  With IS Risk Analytics’ team of experienced operations specialists handling the back end, your risk and technology team will be free to focus on growing your client base with the confidence that your trading environment will be optimally configured.


In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, we design bespoke reporting solutions to meet your regulatory requirements.  Our finance team provides trade reconciliations, regulatory capital reporting, and cost analysis’, among others, and when new regulations are adopted, we are ready to  deliver whatever is required.


Our in-house development team is available to design, test, and deploy innovative solutions for your brokerage. All IS Risk Analytics custom software is developed in-house and is supported by the development team.

Infrastructure and IT

Our experienced infrastructure and IT personnel provide a variety of advisory and consulting services to help you eliminate downtime and maximize the performance of your trading environment.  We provide customized alerts for server monitoring and connectivity issues and will consult on optimizing hardware configurations to minimize latency.