IS Risk Analytics’ team of experienced risk management professionals can provide your firm with the tools and experience needed to optimize trading revenues. From consulting services to fully outsourced risk management, our bespoke solutions can add value to any brokerage.

Automated risk management reporting and alerts provide real-time analysis and protection from trading conditions outside of specified risk tolerances and in addition, our technology can automate routine dealing operations, saving you time, money, and overheads.

24 Hour Risk Coverage

Dedicated Support

Our experienced risk management team gives you 24/5.5 monitoring of trade flow and pricing in all product types and market conditions.


Bespoke reporting

Our reporting packages provide the intraday, end of day, weekly, and monthly data needed to analyze your trading activity and take the required actions to maximize profitability. This includes:

- Client, Liquidity Provider, and Overall Profitability
- Profitability and Volume by Client and Instrument
- Client Equity and Cash Movements
- Trade and Position Reconciliations

In addition, our team can customize reports to meet your specific needs.


Trade, Client and Risk Alerts

Our real time trade alerts ensure you are immediately notified of changes in client behavior, potentially toxic trading and other activity outside of your pre-defined risk tolerances. The alerts are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Price Analysis

Liquidity and Price Feed Management

Our experience working with brokers and liquidity providers of all sizes around the world allows us to create bespoke liquidity solutions for brokers who are seeking to maximize returns, effectively manage risk, and maintain profitability, whilst continuing to deliver a competitive product offering to their clients.


Client Support and Advice

Our operations team is available to support your product offering to keep it competitive and profitable. This includes symbol maintenance, swap updates, and contract expirations.


Book recommendations & Client Selection

Our team of risk managers can provide real time book recommendations to help ensure your risk is properly mitigated and your profits are being maximized.