Navigating The Unknown 

Market Outlook for 2021 and Data insights from the FX and precious metals markets in 2020 

In order to trade the global financial markets successfully, it has always been essential to have the backing of reliable insights and in-depth market knowledge to help mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities.

In the case of foreign exchange and precious metals, in particular, last year proved this need more than any other.

Given our unparalleled oversight of over $1 Trillion per month in notional volume we wanted to take this opportunity to share our thoughts on the market outlook for 2021 and reflect on market performance during the pandemic to date and look at the key insights we have been sharing with our clients to help them during this period of prolonged uncertainty.

The scale and depth of the data we can compile means we can offer a unique set of insights into market movements and informed analytics on the key points brokers needed to know and what that might mean for the months ahead as well.

In IS Risk Analytics in-depth report “Navigating The Unknown” we analyse:

  • The Market Outlook for 2021
  • What really moved currencies last year?
  • Which currency pair moves really affected each other?
  • How did the market navigate around volatility?
  • Who were the real winners and losers and how did brokers perform?

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