The white label service includes the following aspects:

  • FX and precious metal liquidity via API, deployed direct or through any of the major bridge providers and ECNs;
  • CFD liquidity via API, bridge and ECN (available from Q4 2014);
  • Full reporting package including:
    • Real time trade, positions, risk and margin information via proprietary white labelled Terminus GUI;
    • White labelled end of day statements and reporting;
    • Intraday commission billing;
    • Swap reports;
    • Historical and intraday trade query and csv export.

Clients can mark-up IS Prime’s raw spreads and commissions to generate profit, which is rebated periodically.

Jonathan Brewer, Managing Partner of IS Prime, commented:

“The Prime of Prime market is in transition, with many players struggling to find PB solutions in the wake of the market turbulence in January. We believe that this gives an opportunity to the more active players in the retail broker market to compete in the Prime of Prime space.”

“The only thing that is holding many of them back is the requirement to invest in expensive technology; the fact that IS Prime is offering this turnkey solution opens up this business segment to our clients at zero capital expenditure”, he added.

“There has been much discussion from our competition about the increasing opportunity in the Prime of Prime space in the wake of the SNB, but no explicit products offered to clients. We are demonstrating our solution and technology driven approach by enabling our clients to take advantage of this opportunity.”

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