Institutional-client focused prime brokerage and execution venue IS Prime is adding a new product to its range of services. The company adds index swaps to its offering to complement its multi-asset foreign exchange execution across Tier 1 aggregated liquidity venues.

IS Prime is branching out of foreign exchange at a time when index trading has become increasingly attractive in the aftermath of the US election. With populist tensions in the Netherlands and France subsiding somewhat, Index Swap products are likely to continue to be in demand. The offering of IS Prime is focusing on some of the most popular index and energy instruments that are frequently offered by retail brokers.

The institutional-only API Index Swap offering of IS Prime includes Germany 30, Hong Kong 50, Wall Street 30, UK 100, US Tech 100, UK and US crude oil and Bitcoin USD contracts. The company is providing a price feed that is allowing for flexible pricing for its clients.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, the Managing Partner of IS Prime Jonathan Brewer commented: “Our index swaps enhance our spot FX and bullion liquidity offering and have been launched in response to client demand. What is really exciting is that the in-house built pricing engine will allow us to effectively offer a swap product on almost any liquid underlier.”

Branching into Index Swaps to Accelerate Growth Opportunities

The company’s latest product is likely to significantly boost its growth prospects. The products have been widely demanded by retail clients and retail brokerages are looking to source their liquidity from a single venue in order to accommodate growing demand for the contacts.

Recently IS Prime acquired Think Liquidity’s assets to launch its new risk-management product, IS Risk Analytics. IS Prime also committed to Asian growth with the establishment of its office in Hong Kong.

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